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Welcome to JoomPlace demo site!

The site is available both from front end and back end. Please check the detailed description below.

Front end:

Once you've come to visit the demo page, we advise that you login to be able to test as many options as possible. The Log in button is at the top.

Feel free to use one of the following accounts:

login "demo"
password "demo"
login "demoadmin"
password "demoadmin"

The main menu which lists the names of JoomPlace extensions is on the left. To view the demo data, click any link. We offer you to check out the performance of components as well as supplied modules and plugins, if any.

You are welcome to either test the already existing content or add your own, e.g. a testimonial (in the Testimonials extension), a classified (in the JomSocial Classifieds plugin), a post (in JoomBlog) etc.

Please note that the site resets every three hours, so don't worry about the mess.

At the top of each page there are small descriptions of the extensions. To test features properly, follow the mini guides provided in the modules next to the main page content.

Back end:

To access the administration area, use the administrator credentials, i.e. login "demoadmin", password "demoadmin".

Due to security reasons the functionality is limited. As a test user, you are not allowed to change global Joomla! settings, add menu items etc.

However, feel free to adjust the components settings, add any items or modify the existing ones.